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  • January 10, 2020
  • Things Of Importance To Know About The Singing Bowls

    There are numerous traditional items whose relevance is still live today irrespective of their age. The singing bowls are among such items having been in use for ages. History of the singing bowls is believed to have been the Chinese where it was a common item used in religious activities among certain religious groups. Size and design of the bowls vary accordingly but this is mainly based on the purpose for which they are to be used used. Playing music with the bowl is either through running a mallet around the bowl or striking it.

    The singing bowl was common among certain religious settings. Buddhists use the bowl as part of their religious practices where it is struck between the chanting. It is also a common appearance in most of Japanese temples and they also have them in homes for use in individual worship. Communities that use the singing bowl have varying approaches in striking of the bowl but the common method is to use a hammer for this purpose.

    Popularity of the singing bowls across the globe comes from its use in musical performances. This happened in the second half of 21st century where a number of global artists embraced use of singing bowls in their music. Design and exportation of the bowls took root from this moment and this contributed its popularity to numerous communities. However, the type of music where the bowl is used is basically religious.

    Use of musical bowls for medical purposes is also gaining popularity where the bowl comes as part of the applications in use for alternative medicine. Treatment using the musical bowl is also referred to as sound therapy and this follows sounds produced using the bowl. The healing process is invoked using sounds from the musical bowl and in such way the patient is taken through the process to heal.

    Varying types of metals are used in design and production of musical bowls. Iron, lead and zinc are among the common materials used in production. Traditionally, these metals are considered to have religious significance and for such the reason why the bowls were popular within religious circles. In this way, precious metals were not common in the production process.

    For many years, it has not been an easy process to acquire a singing bowl. Things have changed however with the internet where dealers and manufacturers offer a platform to potential buyers to gain access to the desired piece of a musical bowl. Order for the musical bowls therefore are made on the online platform and the dealer ensures the select option is delivered to the buyer. Buyers only need to use search engines to identify dealers who are within reach and ready to deliver as desired.

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