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  • January 15, 2020
  • The Advantages of Waterjet Cutting to Your Business

    If you are a newbie to the waterjet cutting or have been using it for a while now, you might want to know the advantages you have been missing or enjoying. You do not have to keep searching from the internet to read the benefits because you are where all the advantages are noted. In the process of investing in waterjet cutting technology, you will come across two methods used for the procedure. These waterjet methods are known as; abrasive waterjet and pure. Whichever waterjet method you choose basically depends with the type of business you do, for soft material cutting such as foam and paper, you can choose pure waterjet. It would be advisable if you can choose abrasive cutting technique if you will be using the waterjet to cut hard materials such as metal and ceramics.

    Material limitation is something you will not experience once you begin to use waterjet cutting technology. If you wish to cut any material with this waterjet technology, then nothing should prohibit you from doing so. That has made this technology to be suitable for every type of business out there despite the material type. Anything that you manufacture and needs cutting such as ceramics, rubber or glass and many more can be cut by this amazing waterjet machine. The quality of the cuts produced by this technology are incredible.

    You would also be interested in knowing that waterjet cutting is a no heat-affected zone. It is one of the best advantages that business owners like about the technology. The fact that the process involves cold water is what makes the process not to engage any heat for cutting. It is because of this cold cutting that the cuts are always clean. The workers who operate these machines are always safe from burns because cold water doesn’t cause burns, does it?

    Material distortion is maybe one of the worries you could be having when you do not want to use waterjet cutting technology. Heat bypassing happens to occur despite the fact that cold water is used. When cutting materials like metal, heat bypassing is essential so that fine cuts can be produced and without material distortion. That is why you will always have a burr-free and smooth cut.

    Many industries are being encouraged to use this technology so that they can stop the hazardous waste production. In all the industries that are aware of this advantage, then ensure they have invested on it so that they can practice environment friendly habits and methods. Gases and fumes are never part of waterjet cutting which is why it is a safe method for the surround. Only water is excreted with no chemicals is excreted.

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